My current state: watching videos on teaching spiking to 11u players. After 18 years, I find myself back in the gym coaching volleyball. Volleyball is a sport I absolutely love playing and coaching. Over the past years, I have put that on the shelf to be wherever my kids interests took us. This year Ali is trying volleyball so I am coaching.

Funny, how something that is second nature can be intimidating. The game has changed since I have played and coached. I have never coached a beginning level team.

All new, yet all familiar…familiar is my love for the game, a love for developing athletes and a love for girls to grow in confidence.

For the first practice, I breathed deeply as the gym is filled with players and drills and we began practice with their wide eyes ready for instruction with high hopes I would teach them to jump serve and spike in the first practice.

For me being back on the volleyball court is in line with my current life lessons. Walking forward one step at a time in the unfamiliar that holds the confident familiar. Keeping my eyes on what I know to be true and studying from others on what else I need to fill in. Staying on the court until I see the results I desire.

My prayer for you is that you too would have the confidence to walk into your unfamiliar while holding confidently to what you know to be true. #compassliving