Jen Griffin

I love people and technology so whether we putting together a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy or having coffee to talk about your life goals, it is my purpose that your day is a bit brighter and moves forward because we have met.

My first entrepreneur adventure included starting a math tutoring business to enable me to stay home with my then two little ones.  I was given the advice to make 30 calls in 30 days.  With a knot in my stomach, I made my first call to my Grandma to tell her I was starting a tutoring business.

Within the first 30 days with a 2 year old and one month old, I built a tutoring business making $1000 a month.  And that began my path from math teacher to entrepreneur.

In the early 2000s real estate market conditions were great for rehabbing houses to sell.  So my husband and I took one of those infomercial classes (yes, it’s true) and learned about real estate.  We bought, fixed, and resold our first house to make $15,000 in 90 days.  We were quite excited.  Doing the work ourselves, we just brought the kids and a pack-n-play along.  Over the next years, we built over a million dollar portfolio that included rentals and houses to be sold.  During this time I studied online marketing to market our real estate business, then the recession hit and boy did it hit.

With real estate not only coming to a major halt but with a huge hit to our equity, I needed a new plan.  Together with my uncle we founded, Your Business Ignited, a company that used our experience with business and online marketing to help other businesses.  We built websites and social media plans for great companies during that time and launched a few more of our own. In January 2018, we separated the businesses and I rebranded to my  personal brand as a Digital Marketing Strategist, Growth Catalyst, and Speaker.

My brand encompasses my passion for thinking outside of the box whether you are looking at your business or personal life.  It is my strong belief that one step forward brings amazing results.  Throughout my professional life, I have found certain traits and needs to carry through in all my endeavors.

Give solid advice.
Treat people how you want to be treated.
Define a goal and work towards that goal.

I continue to marvel at the amazing people I am privileged to partner with to move their lives and business forward.  Ideas implemented, one step at a time, bring amazing results to lives and businesses.

Personally – It seems like we are always on an adventure with my 4 children, husband, our collection of farm animals, sports, and other other activities.  I am grateful for these 5 blessings that continue to expand my life and heart.

Digital Marketing Consultant | Growth Catalyst | Speaker