A trusted consultant.
A catalyst for change.
A friend.

Whether you are redesigning a website, starting your digital marketing strategy, or looking for a coach,  you are truly embarking upon a venture with the hope of profit.  At Venture OutLoud, your forward progress is our focus.  We believe that strategic actions, both personally and professionally, produce results bringing you closer to your desired outcome.

What is our process?

Our process is much like skipping rocks…

Once you decide to skip a rock, you venture out to find a nice flat rock.

As you hold the rock, you throw the rock in the direction of the water.

This ONE action of throwing the rock causes a ripple effect of change in water.

There is nothing more for you to do but observe and appreciate what your action has created.

The rock that you threw ONCE skips MULTIPLE times across the water thus creating a RIPPLE effect through out the water.

As the ripples hit the banks of the water, they are then coming back towards the point of impact!

Rock skipping causes multiple actions from your first action of throwing the rock.

Pretty similar to life and business…

Each ONE (SINGLE) action creates ripples of consequence. that moves you forward.

Choosing those singular actions is vital to success.  Wisely choosing those critical actions is where we can help.


When I first met Jen, the ease of working with her was a breath of fresh air. Jen’s take on life, family & business is all intertwined into one. She provides you with the tools to constantly keep believing in yourself in order to evolve and move forward. Her captivating talks are straight from her heart & genuine. Everyone should take advantage of her guide to compass living.

Monica Tuck, Creative Strategist + Co- Founder U-Studio

Jen has the innate ability to suggest ideas from different perspectives based on her understanding of our business objectives as well as how we interact with our customers. As an example, we were developing an email campaign to include a landing page to my online store. The issue we were having was trying to make it a more personal interaction with prospects that did not know who we were. Jen suggested a graphic that explains our consultative selling process to prospects and even create a personal video reinforcing this on our landing page. The key is to differentiate from other online resellers and provide value added.

Jen was very helpful and thorough getting my newly purchased business recognized on the web.  Jen and her team were very thorough in the initial consultation and came back with some great ideas, photos and content for my website.  From there, they worked on all of the directories and SEO to drive traffic to my 2 retail stores and my website.  Overall, very pleased with my website and business Facebook page.