Tonight I could have waved the white flag at 3:00 announcing as the darlings got home from school that the word ‘mom’ was not to be used. Instead I prayed for grace (and repeated that prayer all night) and pulled off a full night of responsibilities. All kids were picked up from activities and fed, new purchases of wrestling shoes, canned food drive items, donations for soldiers, care package to be mailed (you get the idea – lots of details to manage) and I made it to prayer at church. I forced myself to say the good things as they were happening to turn the tide of my attitude. And since I managed my attitude, my evening ended with an uninterrupted, lovely discussion with my teenager (Time treasured for sure).

And in turning the tide of my attitude, I was honest with my kids. I told them things have been exhausting and I was tired. They really did rally. I try to give them insight and let them see me struggle and practice what I preach. Their lives will be more impacted if my example lines up with my words.

I write this while wearing an adorable eye mask that my little one gave me to “sleep good tonight.”