Building a Strong Marriage – One “Gatorade” at a Time

The kids and I are heading out to the 7th grade football game and it is hot.  We all grab a drink for the game. I throw in Gatorade for my husband (who is coaching) and son to have after the game.

As the football game ends, I head down the bleachers and yell to my husband to come to the fence. As he walks over, I pull out the Gatorade. He smiles and the other coaches ask where their drinks are. My husband smiles and says “She takes care of me.”

You see my husband and I are pretty self-sufficient. We operate on the premise that everything is okay unless we hear differently from the other person. I expect that he can take care of himself and he does (I mean, he is a grown adult.) But on this hot August day after coaching a football game, handing him a Gatorade was a way to anticipate his need and meet it.

It is this type of little blessings that you give to each other in a marriage that make it strong. What will be your ‘gatorade moment’ this week?