Personalized, Result Oriented Coaching

Just Get Started…

I don’t know about you but I can get stuck in my head…running so many circles that you would think I am a marathon runner (which I am not.)  It is common for me to pick up the phone and start the conversation…I just need help getting out of my head.  Then I talk through the issue until there is a solution or at least I feel better.

That is what I can do for you.  Many times, just another person in the mix can help you sort out an issue.  Whether it is marketing your business, building a business, or moving forward in a personal endeavor, I would be happy to partner with you on the journey.

I bring a combination of creative out of the box thinking with a logical step by step plan that provides creative solutions to challenges you are facing.  We will brainstorm solutions as big as we can think of them and carefully chose specific next steps.  At the end of our coaching time, there will be forward progress.

Each session is customized to what is important to you.  We build to your vision.  My coaching packages start at consulting when you need it to 6 months plans.  It is a combination of meeting in person, video chat, or phone calls depending on personal preference.

I offer a free 20 minute phone call to talk through the possibilities of coaching.  Email to get started.

What my clients are saying…

Jen is a pleasure to work with and truly cares about her clients. She lays out strategic reachable goals that helps her clients attain their goals quick. Her passion overflows as she coaches and sees her clients come alive while reaching their dreams in all areas of life. Time to take the next step and hire her as a your coach.

I received great benefits from using Jen with applicable everyday tools to incorporate into my business and personal life.
Also weekly accountability to keep me on track to reach those goals.


Thank you for developing terrific next steps to get me squared away for the holidays.
You have a real gift for distilling information and discernment!