Change…..that word makes many shutter. Change requires movement from likely a very comfortable place (not necessarily a good place.) Change requires one foot in the front of the other living because thinking about two steps ahead can be just too much. Change requires a slight, sometimes even faint vision of “not this.”

Whether in business or personal, change is necessary. Situations will change all around you even if you do not want to change.

There have been times in my life where I knew that change was necessary but it was absolutely the hardest thing to walk through. I mean the hard that makes your stomach turn and leave you feeling numb. Those are times that I call wilderness. The wilderness when you must walk through the change by yourself…where your very core is shaken…where you must press into situations to really pull the lessons you need….

This pressing in creates a deep character ‘where you know that you know’….as you continue one step in front of the other. In these times, I like to tell myself “look for the angle – a different perspective” because seeing the end game is just not possible.

What I have found in the small business community are those so very special business people who are willing to share parts of their wilderness times to encourage those that might be currently walking through (because stopping is not an option…go through these times) and businesses who are willing to crazy cheer for you as you share a ‘win’ from the other side of the wilderness.

Whether you are cheering a victory and looking for the courage to take another step…change is worth it. #forward