Over the past three months, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the environment I am creating for our family. Then taking that reflection to challenge myself on my personal environment and current habits.

These flowers are truly a picture of things I know to be true…SMALL changes over time produce BIG results.
You see, these flowers were almost all thrown away because they were not growing. I watered them and even used fertilizer. (If you know me, this extra effort and care for flowers is shocking.). But I really wanted pretty porch flowers.

When Lori came to town I put her in charge of my flowers. She kindly asks me with a slight laugh – Jen did you know these flowers need full sun? To which I reply – nope, I just liked them so I bought them. Lou saves the day by replanting ones that I would have thrown away and buying appropriate shade plants. She moved flower pots around so the pots would have access to sunlight per what the flowers need.

Now a month later the pots are overflowing and beautiful. They have been watered with no fertilizer just the RIGHT environment SPECIFIC to the NEEDS of the flowers.  I am using these flowers as my daily reminder to fuel myself with what I need for this specific season and to not throw away ‘things’ just because they might have been in the shade too long and need sun. Just move ‘em to sun and keep going.