After sharing my shenanigans with a friend, she tells me I always feel so much better once I talk with you. Ha! Well, I am glad I could help her feel better about in her life. So in the spirit of not always posting the ‘social media highlight reel of life,’ I am sharing a bit of our past week.

The activity of our life is full speed ahead. So last week, I put an organizer in my closet but did not have time to finish the project in between work and ball games. So I choose ball games then to sleep at a reasonable time. In order to get to bed, I ask Matt something I never dreamed in a million years that would come out of my mouth. “Do you mind if we sleep on the living room couches tonight because our bed has all my closet stuff on it?” He shakes his head and says sure.

Yep, matching his and hers couches are a dream come true. ?

I did finish the closet the next evening and our bedroom was back to respectable. I just could not get it all finished so rather than telling myself I am failing or whatever non-helpful thoughts might spiral through my mind, I chose to just go with it. (Which is not real easy for my personality) There are seasons where you just have to go with it with reasonable expectations of yourself. Then last night we grabbed a few ‘date night’ hours our on the back porch where unfortunately I lost the game of 500 rummy.

Hopefully, this will encourage you to take the funny things in stride, to give your partner grace when needed, and grab a few hours to refuel together.