Who hosts 20ish kids to take pictures and eat at your house when you are not there? I do! (Well, I did and wow was it good for me!)

In Dec our plane tickets were purchased around all the kid’s activities to celebrate the retirement of a dear, dear friend. Then the January school dance gets rescheduled to the Feb date we are leaving. Plans had already been made for dinner and pictures at our house so Audrey did not want to change. Being super close to school also helped the entire student council crew so the location stayed.

My dinner plans changed. The chargers for the plates were returned. Paper plates were purchased, catering ordered and post it notes all over the kitchen. Another parent picked up the food and welcomed those coming into our home.

I did call to be sure she found everything. Then I fought thoughts of I wonder if the kids kept the house clean and remembered super important things like the snow shovel was still on the front porch. All the things that I would normally rush around to worry about. The girls were likely in our bathroom. Did my kids make the bed after they slept on it? 18 hours away – I still fought to give up control.

Then parents texted and posted pictures. Our house full of smiles, piles of phones, rain jackets, etc.

It all went off just fine because of our awesome team around us. Because it was important to Audrey and I need to let her do her thing. Because these kids are rockstars and their families are our friends.

And a great reminder for me that things can just be what they are. I don’t think that snow shovel was a super big deal to anyone. ? maybe I’ll decorate it for every season.